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We are a national distributor of Natural Thin Veneer Stone. We offer full crates of flats and/or corners to all residential and commercial builders, contractors, masons and homeowners.

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About Thin Veneer Stone

Natural Thin Veneer Stone was created as a superior alternative product to man made, fake stone. It has been popular for Architects to involve fake or cultured stone in a project. Early applications of cultured stone were popular on commercial or residential jobs because of it’s light weight and easy installation. Today, time has shown the inherent weaknesses of those man made products.

Fake stone (cultured stone) is a painted or dyed cement product that clearly fades, cannot be cleaned with harsh chemicals available, and when chipped, looks old with the cement interior exposed. Those inherent weaknesses prompted the stone industry to move to mining building stone and cutting it as thin as the cultured stone. It has revolutionized the building stone industry to a point now that an architect can design in “all natural thin stone” in place of cultured stone. The finished project will have the look, beauty and timeless elegance that only natural stone can give. Each selection can be used for interior or exterior applications. All natural stone veneer can be applied to both masonry and wood surfaces without the need for a ledge or wall ties.

“Thin Veneer Stone” is cut with an approximate thickness of between 3/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch. You have available both flats and corners with each color selection. The weight of this natural mined product varies between 9.5 and 13 lbs. per square foot, depending on the stone selection you choose. Sold by 100 square foot crate. Corners are sold by 50 linear foot crate.